Program nauczania

Program nauczania

Program nauczania – Vital Voices Academy

The description of the programme is in English as it will be delivered solely in this language.

All participants are offered an individual diagnosis of the leadership styles according to Daniel Goleman classification coupled with two coaching and one mentoring session with a senior mentor. Therefore, they can trace their personal development in course of the program and get, at the end, some insight into further development of their managerial/ leadership-wise competencies.

Session I – Vital Voices Leadership Model

You can become a better and more effective leader by following the Vital Voices Leadership Model focused on finding one’s inner purpose, driving and working across the divisions. This unique Leadership Model was developed through working with hundreds of thousands emerging women leaders who have since become powerful and impactful leaders of their communities, companies and countries.

Session II – Discover yourself and your potential

The session will help you to better understand bright part of your personality, but also potential psychological swerve from your personal carrier path. You will learn how to build your own developmental agenda to be more natural and authentic leader. Expansion of the self-awareness of the leaders has recently been found one of the three major challenges for the leaders.

Session III – Make your voice heard

Giving a voice to your ideas and getting yourself noticed are keys to your success. You will learn and practice how to get yourself heard and how to stand up in meetings even in most difficult circumstances. This session will focus on practicing best communications techniques to amplify your voice to make your messages heard and to have an impact you desire.

Session IV – Lead teams with purpose

Regardless of the geographical context, modern times require new models and approaches to leadership, more humanized, more directed by ultimate personal and business transformative purpose. The one to capture hearts and minds of internal and external clients. Employees less and less want to die just for an increased revenue of a company. You are expected to embody meaningful vision of the company. And the session will offer you tools enabling effectiveness through concentration your team’s activities around the purpose in a climate of profound interpersonal trust and respect.

Session V – Devise and execute a winning strategy

Working out your short term and long term personal brand strategy will have a significant influence on your personal and professional life. Do you want to scale up your current role? Do you want to step up your game and be better at what you do? You need a set of SMART goals, which will formulate the foundations of your winning strategy. You also need best practices of how to stick with your strategy for the long term.

Session VI – Win your financial pitch and business plan

Thinking quickly on your feet whilst using numbers is always a contributing factor when trying to convince others to your ideas and approach. You can always improve your mastery of financial indicators and express your messages through the use of numbers. Participants will study and practice the best ways to prepare a winning business plan and a winning investment pitch.

Session VII – Lead in Digital Transformation

Digitalization of the businesses is for many leaders the major challenge just about to come or already a part of their experience. Are you ready for the changes? Do you understand these technological changes and their consequences for your organization? Do you know how to get prepared to effectively face and take profit of black swans – unpredictable events, usually fruits of the ongoing digital revolution? The session will enable usage knowledge and practice critical for firm’s digitalization

Session VIII – Your leadership plan and the projects

The session summarizes knowledge, skills, and experience gathered during the program on two levels. On the first one, the participants will build planed vision of their further carrier as leaders taking into consideration circles of responsibilities and impact. On the second level, they will present in groups their projects results looking for feedback from other participants

Session IX – Relax and de-stress. Lead with balance and smile

Many executives are powerful at work, they shape work environment and they may be also relatively wealthy but they are not necessarily happy. Unhappy people are a source of pain for themselves and they are usually incapable of making their followers happy and fulfilled as they do not operate in accordance with their ultimate values and needs. The session is meant to help to be more congruent and mindful in this case.

Final project. Final project is an obligatory group project focused on helping leaders to manage themselves, their organizations, teams or exceptional individuals. All projects are run under the supervision of dedicated tutors and are evaluated and subject of public defence. They are based on the knowledge and skills acquired during the programme.

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