Archiwa Alumni Careers - Warsaw University of Technology Business School


Jerome P. Touiller

If my MBA diploma was not my only asset to pave my way to a career, it certainly was the best experience in transforming my hidden potential into new skills.

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Tomasz Galant

After ten years of working in corporations I decided that it would be good to organize a variety of knowledge, fasten all areas of hard competence development in one cohesive,

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Jason Schmitt

Ever since I remember, I’ve always dreamed of running my own business. Having two engineering diplomas, I was convinced that I have a product that is suitable for production. The

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Alan Paterson

I started studying IMBA at the WUT BS during the break from work at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the United Kingdom. Due to the fact that I did not study business before, I

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Anna Niedźwiedź

As a graduate in international economic and political relations (Warsaw School of Economics) and cultural studies (University of Warsaw), I believe that we should broaden our horizons to better understand

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Felix Kremer

MBA studies at the WUT BS is an excellent investment for those who want to develop their management skills. And this is because the concept of the program combines individual theories

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