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We are happy to announce that Warsaw University of Technology Business School has launched “Koszykowa Valley” – entrepreneurship and innovation development programme for students and graduates.

Within the scope of the “Koszykowa Valley” initiative we enable our students to implement their business ideas through substantive support for start-up operations.

These are two examples of creativity and innovation of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School’s alumni. Start-ups presented below arose as a continuation of students’ ideas, which were a part of their final projects during Executive MBA 2013 programme.


 is ​​a young startup dealing with a comprehensive service of repairing broken devices. The idea behind the application is simple: the courier picks up the order from you, transfers it to a craftsman who deals with the repair, and you follow the repair progress through the application and wait for the courier to deliver the repaired shoes to you.  More information.



luceosLuceos Intelligence Company has its roots in the Executive MBA programme. It offers innovative software for small and medium-sized enterprises improving the management of field workers. Luceos Intelligence flagship product, Luceos Smart Service Management, was recently awarded the “Technology of the future” distinction. The system is offered in the SaaS model, based on cloud computing and Android.
Luceos Smart
supports the entire sales cycle from preparing offers, scheduling services, supporting workers in the field with all necessary documentation and historical data, to issuing reports and recommendations for subsequent services. Luceos Intelligence Company offers small and medium enterprises access to the latest IT technologies and systems affordable financially. All the advantages create innovative and at the same time intuitive environment automating the process of enterprise development assuring quick return on investment.



Wristy Technologies SA is a start-up aiming to introduce an innovative GSM communicator called Wristy™, which explores communication with your loved ones anew. Wristy™ communicator was designed in such a way that – regardless of age and previous cell phone habits – anyone can use it easily.


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