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  • Renewables in Business: technologies, economics, implementations

Renewables in Business: technologies, economics, implementations


One-year post-graduate programme, co-created by the Warsaw University of Technology Business School and the Institute of Renewable Energy. It was created for people operating in the area of ​​renewable energy willing to learn about the economic conditions and the needs of the energy cost reduction market.


The course is addressed for:

– investors and developers working in the field of renewable energy
– technology and service providers willing to better understand the needs of investors and their economic conditions
– managers responsible for reducing energy costs in their companies
– representatives of banks financing energy related projects





Meeting on-line

14 June, 5:00 P.M.


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Duration: part-time

Language of instruction: Polish

Number of instruction hours: 180h

Class hours:
Saturdays: 09:00– 16:15
Sundays: 09:00 – 16:15

+48 22 234 70 17
+48 22 234 70 89

What makes us unique

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Classes conducted in an interactive and practical mode: case studies, workshops, discussions and debates

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Project analysis with the consideration of market and finances related aspects

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Applying up-to-date knowledge in development practice and market actions

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Emphasis on two currently most competetive technologies: solar and wind

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Learning about and understanding global and EU trends in the energy field

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Analysis and results of the monitoring processes concerning the Renewable Energy Sources directive in Poland, electricity market, and management of the Energy Union

Grzegorz Wiśniewski - Institute of Renewable Energy Programme Co-ordinator

Renewable energy ceases to be a niche solution, dependent only on subsidies. New investment perspectives are being created, commercialization of subsequent renewable energy technologies is accelerating. It is impossible not to notice the rapid growth of the renewable energy market and the demand for new staff and new competences. In order to meet the expectations of the Polish market, IEO, together with the Business School of Warsaw University of Technology, launches post-graduate studies that will practically educate and prepare for the managerial profession in planning and implementing investments in renewable energy, including distributed energy..


  • Grzegorz Wiśniewski

    Professional experience: Founder (2001) and president (until now) of the Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) in Warsaw, former (1997-2004) director of the European Commission Center for the Baltic read more
  • Dr inż. Paweł Urbański

    Professional experience: Through much of his career combined business experience with academia. He holds a PhD in Economics from Imperial College London and MBA and Engineering degree from Warsaw U read more
  • Dr inż. Katarzyna Michałowska-Knap

    Professional experience: Director in reasearch and development affairs and the main specialist in wind energy at Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej(EC BREC IEO). Between 2001-2005 staff member of Euro read more
  • Paweł Bartoszewski

    Professional experience: For over 20 years associated with the financing of environmental protection and renewable energy. A longtime employee of the EcoFund Foundation and the National Fund for En read more
  • Zbigniew Kamieński

    Professional experience: 40 years of experience in environmental protection and energy. He held a number of managerial positions at the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Economy. Init read more
  • Prof. Maciej Nowicki

    Citizenship: polish Experience: Minister of the Environment in 1989-1990 and 2007-2010, winner of the Der Deutsche Umweltpreis award, the so-called ecological nobel prize. Prof. Maciej Nowicki also read more


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