30th Anniversary of the WUTBS

30 years have passed…

– it is a good time, to sum up what happened and plan the next moves

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How were we celebrating?


Inaugural lecture – President Aleksander Kwaśniewski
“30 years of Polish transformation. What’s next?”

During the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School, participants had the pleasure
of listening to a highly thrilling lecture by Aleksander Kwaśniewski – President of Poland in the years 1995 – 2005.
The president summed up how great the Polish economy and education development was in the last three decades.
Aleksander Kwaśniewski also presented his opinion on what next decisions and actions should be taken to maintain
or even increase the pace of Poland’s development.


On the journey full of challenges. Towards the better tomorrow?

The celebration of the 30th anniversary began with a conference during which the current economic and political state was discussed.
Record energy prices and ever-increasing CO2 concentrations that we witnessed during the past 40 years. During the conference, there were speculations about how the world would change. How will companies change? How will we change? And will the changes be for the better?

Graduation ceremony

Another important moment of the WUTBS 30th anniversary celebration was the MBA programmes graduation ceremony.
During this part of the event, students of the following programs graduated:
Executive MBA, MBA Digital Transformation, MBA Finance & Technology, and MBA Kaizen Industry 4.0.
Congratulations once again to all graduates!

Next was the discussion panel which was moderated by economist prof. Witold Orłowski. Piotr Czarnecki a business consultant as well as lecturers at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School: epidemiology specialist, public health specialist,
and pharmacoeconomist prof. Marcin Czech, social and business psychologist Jacek Santorski
and Director of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School, dr inż. Pawel Urbanski took part in the panel.

We prepared special gifts for the personalities of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School as thanks
for their exceptional commitment and work for the school. All the contributions they made each day guaranteed
the current school’s position. They also ensure stability and the possibility of such a dynamic development.



MBA graduation ceremony

Anniversary Party

Anniversary Party

After the graduation ceremony, the graduates and all the guests had the pleasure of participating in the jubilee banquet.
During the event, the participants spent their time on integration, sharing memories, and making new friends.



Personalities of the 30th Anniversary

Prof. Alastair Nicholson – London Business School

First graduates’ opinions (in Polish)


Listen to TOK FM podcasts conducted by our lecturers (in Polish)


Paweł Urbański:

Edward Stanoch:

prof. dr hab. Marcin Czech:

Jacek Santorski:

Sandra Bichl:



The First MBA programme


The first full-time English-language programme, leading to the degree of Master of Science in Business –
now reorganised as the International MBA – was launched in the School to meet the needs of the market-oriented
Polish economy, and to provide a young generation of graduates with challenging new career opportunities in both engineering and management.

The first graduates

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The First postgraduate programme


Advanced Management Training in Pharmacoeonomics, Pharma Marketing and Law was launched.
Programme aimed at graduates with a Master’s Degree who are working or intend to work in the pharmaceutical sector.

The first prestigious award

1st position in the MBA Home&Market 2011 ranking

“We are pleased to announce that the International MBA and Executive MBA programs of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School took 1st place in the MBA ranking of the Home& Market magazine.”

The First thousand graduates


School Directors


Prof. Roger S. Bivand

Dr Zbigniew Turowski

Prof. Witold Orłowski

Prof. Olaf Żylicz

Dr Paweł Urbański

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