prof. Alastair Nicholson

Professional experience:

Prof, Nicholson (BSc Ph.D.) is a consultant specializing in managing business operations: mergers, new product development, core process identification, strategic initiative, work in Poland and Russia on business development in emerging markets.

Prof. Nicholson taught courses in Poland, Ukraine, KMBS and IIB (Kiev) and Canada. He researched Business Practices in Russia, Poland and Ukraine, analysed Businesses in the USA, France, Hong Kong for purposes of improvement; was writing cases on East European Business; and attended international conferences.

Prof. Nicholson has worked in more than 200 companies on direct consulting and IT implementation. These companies include manufacturing steel, textiles, and electronics earlier and more recently call phones and public sector activities.  Specific work is now being done on extended projects in North of UK on cost reduction schemes, new product development and employee development.