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Dear WUT Business School’s Students/Alumni,

Thank you for being with us. Bad news from all around the world are for many of us a source of stress and uncertainties – both in our professional and personal life. WUT Business School’s mission is to cultivate responsible leaders who clearly understand the present world as well as their own role as business leaders

Therefore, we have created the so-called Support Zone for our students and alumni. We would like to encourage you to use the free-of-charge help of our experts at WUT Business School. Select the area you are interested in or choose an expert you’d like to talk to and sign up for a FREE INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION ON-LINE.

Get answers to nagging questions, 
Get professional and psychological support.
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Usamah Afifi: (Polish/English)

– I am a certified coach. I have experience in business counselling for individuals and teams in the field of: strategies implementation, change management, conflict management, sales of goodwill, crisis project management and digital transformation.


dr Anna Bugalska: (Polish)

– For many years I have dealt with human resources (HR). I offer counselling to our postgraduate students, MBA students performing manager duties. I’d also like to encourage especially those people who at the time of pandemia deal with problems within human resources management and challenges connected to not only HR but also those connected to achieving set goals.


Michał Pawlik:  (Polish/English)

 – Redefining the company’s strategy in the face of crisis,
– Possibility and technical solutions concerning transfering the company to 100% remote and digital processes,
– Employment restructuring and cost optimization,
– Searching for new markets and sales channels (revenues) during the period of restrictions on business operations and the subsequent economic crisis.


Rafał Pierzchlewicz: (Polish/English)

– Support in planning company’s finances as well as support in difficult private matters such as losing job, losing cash flow or loss of founding and how to deal with it. 


Edward Stanoch: (Polish/English)

Business consultant, entrepreneur, lecturer. Has nearly 25 years of experience in the area of ​​strategic and HR consulting. A long-standing and recognized lecturer at the EMBA programme of WUTBS, in the field of strategic management. Provides support in the area of:
– Strategy in business and HR- Supporting employees in times of isolation and uncertainty 
– Mindfulness and concentration practices at work 
– Rituals to maintain balance between stress and regeneration in a manager’s life


Małgorzata Warda: (Polish/English)

I am a consultant in the field of business strategies and project commercialization, a certified mentor and business trainer. I can offer support, among others in the following areas: 
– business and management mentoring 
– management and communication with online and offline team in times of crisis
– business and trade mathematics 
– strategies and optimization of profitability and business processes




dr Agnieszka Bott-Alama: (Polish/English)

I am a business practitioner, trainer and coach of strengths. I specialize in the area of ​​professional change, team management and increasing my own satisfaction and productivity. I believe and show that it is worth investing in the development of your talents in order to give the best of yourself and achieve very good results. I invite for a meeting  People who are looking for answers to one or more of the following questions:

– How to prepare for a professional change?
– How to prepare for re-entering the labor market?
– How to ensure a balance between work and other areas of life?
– How to develop your team management competences?
– How to deal with stress?
– How to develop your own creativity and learn more effectively?
– How do you work with your Gallup Talents to increase your productivity? (session for people who have a Clifton StrengthsFinder report – 5 or 34 talents).


Aureliusz Leżeński: (Polish)

– Crisis management 


Anna Radzikowska: (Polish/English)

– Looking for a job
– Professional changes
– Starting your own businessng pandemia
– Communication with employees/internal communication
– Motivation and energy to take actions –  how to build it in yourself and others


dr Włodzimierz Świątek: (Polish)

– Coaching sessions (personal ad professional development)
– Dealing with trauma after the pandemic
– Leadership actions in times of crisis
– Enhancing personal endurance

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