School Authorities

  • Director of the WUT Business School

    dr Paweł Urbański

    WUT Business School Director

    Warsaw University of Technology Business School supports development by bringing lecturers and participants together to partner in an open exchange of expertise. Our ambition—to establish a new quality of education and to advance business solutions based on new technologies—combines entrepreneurial spirit with a highly humane and ethical attitude towards management and people development.  Thanks to our intense expansion of international cooperation and deeply-rooted intercultural perspective,  we will be recognized as a high-quality brand in the market of educational services in Central Europe.

  • Deputy Director

    Michał Kucharski

    Deputy Director

    The high quality of executive programmes delivered by the WUT Business School requires excellent operations services. I am proud to coordinate a team of people devoted to the best customer service. The continuity of procedures and best practices supports the faculty and contributes to the overall effectiveness and success of the institution

  • Council of founders

    prof. Rolf Brunstad, NHH Norwegian School of Economics

    The Chairman

    The Council of Founders consists of representatives of Schools that have founded the WUT Business School: HEC School of Management (Paris), London Business School, NHH Norwegian School of Economics (Bergen) and Warsaw University of Technology. They give their valuable opinions and advice on the School’s development strategy and the curricula, especially of the MBA courses.

  • School’s Council

    dr Paweł Urbański

    The Chairman

    The WUT Business School Council is responsible for accepting the School’s operation plans, including the curricula, as well as evaluation of matters relevant to the School’s activity.

  • Curriculum Development Committee

    Prof. Alastair Nicholson

    The Chairman

    The Curriculum Development Committee operates as the Curriculum Board for WUT BS. Its main responsibility is monitoring and introducing changes to the curriculum as well as reviewing them periodically. This is a group of very well-experienced and well-contacted members of the global business community.

Poprzedni Dyrektorzy Szkoły Biznesu PW
  • prof. Olaf Żylicz

    Director at WUT Business School, 2016-2017

  • prof. Witold Orłowski

    Director at WUT Business School, 2003-2016

  • dr inż. Zbigniew Turowski

    Director at WUT Business School, 1992-2003
    Deputy Director at WUT Business School, 2003-2012

    See the summary of his career at Warsaw University of Technology – click here

  • prof. Roger S. Bivand

    Director at WUT Business School, 1991-1992