Norwegian School of Economics

Norwegian School of Economics

Norwegian School of Economics is the best Norwegian school of commerce.


Professor Jan I. Haaland, Rector of NHH

“WUT Business School has since 1991 been an important initiative for NHH. It was our first serious attempt to participate in establishing a major study programme abroad, and it has over the years developed into a flagship of such programmes. Personally, I remember travelling to meetings in Warsaw early in the 1990s, and it felt like more than just another trip abroad. I had the feeling that we were about to launch something of great value, and now I am convinced that the feeling was correct. I have also had the pleasure of teaching in the programme – which gave me an excellent opportunity to observe how well the programme works.

There are many unique features of the WUT Business School that make it a school of great value. One is the long lasting, close cooperation between the four institutions – WUT, HEC, LBS and NHH. The second one is the systematic development over time, from a start with almost all the teaching done by faculty from the western schools to the present situation with strong Polish faculty in many disciplines. A third key factor is the excellent students the programme attracts. And finally, the proof of the quality and position of the School lies in the influence the candidates have in Polish business.

NHH is proud to have been part of this development, and we are very happy that the cooperation continues. The success of the WUT Business School is also a success for the participating institutions. The main achievement is, however, the fact that the School contributes to the development of the Polish economy.”


Norges Handelshøyskole – NHH

Founded in 1936, NHH is Norway’s largest and most prestigious centre for research and education in management and business administration, and is the only institution in Norway that offers a full range of programmes from basic introductory courses to doctorate level in business administration, management and economics. Located in Bergen on the west coast of Norway, it has approximately 3500 full-time students, 116 full-time professors, 90 research assistants, and 20 adjunct professors. NHH cooperates with other leading European institutions in the Community of European Management Schools CEMS. In addition to its engagement in WUT BS, NHH is involved in the development of management education in Vilnius and Saint Petersburg.

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Nobel Prize for NHH Professor

The 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Professor Finn Kydland, Professor of Tepper School of Business Administration and also Professor 1968 alumnus of our partner school, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. Professor Kydland was recognized for his achievements and contributions to macroeconomics. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm congratulated Kydland and Prescott for “their contributions to dynamic macroeconomics: the time consistency of economic policy and the driving forces behind business cycles”.