It is a series of hour-long meetings of the WUT Business Schools students and alumni with significant members of the world of business, politics and media as well as experts inspiring to a new view on the role of a business leader.

Friday at 05:00 P.M.
WUT Business School


Who are the F@F guests?

We invite well-known personalities of business, economy, politics and people who have an inspiring way of presenting the world’s complexity and the social role of business leaders.


What do the F@F meetings offer?

These meetings aim to introduce interesting cases from the guests’ wide experience. This way the School’s students and alumni:

have the opportunity to meet interesting people from the field of economy and business,
get to know various opinions on factors inducing changes in the modern world,
receive advice on their future career path.

With the aid of a newsletter, the WUT Business School’s students and alumni are informed about the upcoming Friday@Five meetings.

So far, at F@F, WUT Business School has hosted:

• Professor Marek Belka (President of National Bank of Poland)
• Jan Krzysztof Bielecki (President of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister)
• Igor Chalupec (President of PKN Orlen)
• Elżbieta Dzikowska (traveler, art historian, documentary film director)
• Paulo Roberto Ferreira (ISE Business School Brazil)
• Danuta Hubner (EU Commissioner of Regional Policy)
• Andrzej Klesyk (President of PZU)
• Sebastian Mikosz (Vice President of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency)
• Jacek Rostowski (The Minister of Finance in 2007-2013 and the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers)
• Jacek Santorski (President of Instytut Psychologii Biznesu Values)
• Jacek Żakowski (Columnist, Politics)