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Panika, sceptycyzm, niewiedza i fundamentalny racjonalizm. Jakie postawy wyzwolił w nas lockdown?

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be one of the most serious challenges not only for the health care system around the world, but also for the global economy.

Nadchodzi nowa fotowoltaika

Last year was the best year in the history of prosumer solar farms, but 2021 will be completely different. The time has come for big business solar investments, huge farms

Boom na e-commerce to czas na naukę

The growing popularity of online shopping has forced the development of logistics networks, but also innovation in product delivery. However, this is not the only dimension of the e-commerce phenomenon.

Kapitalizm interesariuszy

In August 2019, members of U.S. Business Roundtable – the unofficial American business council – announced the position of owners and CEO of nearly 200 companies operating in the USA.

Lęki liderów. Co dzięki pandemii wiemy o dobrym i złym przywództwie?

Being aware of employees’ anxiety, “embracing” it, sharing and managing your anxiety, believing that we are in a difficult situation together, listening and explaining, being aware of having incomplete knowledge

Na co w trakcie pandemii zachorowały organizacje?

COVID time is a good occasion for reflection. Answers to questions such as: which of our practices have proved successful in this new situation? Which tested so far have failed?

In the digital transformation of business, new technologies are not enough

In the weeks following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the business has transformed more than in the last 10 years. The restrictions introduced to minimize the risk of infections

Fotowoltaika gospodarczą szansą w kryzysie

Although until recently photovoltaics was an insignificant element of the Polish energy mix, today it is beginning to influence the entire policy in the field of energy. It has a


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