Supervisory Boards for Leaders

Supervisory Boards for Leaders is a two-semester postgraduate programme designed to meet the need for professionalization of Supervisory Boards – companies are increasingly seeking individuals with both rich experience and the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge.

The environment surrounding supervisory boards is undergoing many changes, which have a significant impact on how they fulfill their functions:

  • increased regulations regarding corporate governance,
  • the growing role of technology,
  • increased emphasis on sustainable development,
  • greater shareholder engagement resulting in expectations of transparency and accountability, necessitating a constant need to supplement theoretical and practical knowledge.

Thanks to this unique combination of theory and practice, participants in the postgraduate program are prepared to take on the role of supervisory board members, and the opportunity to join the prestigious alumni network of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School is an additional chance to establish business contacts and develop one’s own career.

Target audience:

  • Managers with an extensive professional experience in the business sector.
  • Members of the Supervisory Board and business owners.


The co-organizer and main partner of the program is the LiderShe Association


The strategic partner of the program is PricewaterhouseCoopers.



The program partners are Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak and Amrop.




Language: polish

Language of instruction: 180h

Mode: stationary

Classes are held once or twice a month

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+48 22 234 70 89