PROGRAMMES - Warsaw University of Technology Business School

  • Executive MBA is a two-year, part-time postgraduate programme, fully taught in English. The programme is designed to address the needs of professional managers by enhancing their business skills.

  • MBA Digital Transformation are one-year postgraduate studies conducted in Polish. Programme is addressed to candidates interested in using new technologies in order to both – raise the competitiveness of their company and to create own business ventures.

  • MBA Finance & Technology is the one-year post-graduate studies conducted in Polish and addressed to candidates holding managerial positions in the financial areas, who want to expand their leadership competencies and analytical skills in the context of strategic financial management.

  • The main purpose of the one-term programme is to provide our students with practical knowledge of organization and management of a modern production company, which effectively operate on global market. The MBA Kaizen Industry 4.0 studies are addressed to middle and senior managers as well as directors.

  • Academy of Leadership Psychology is  an intensive one year postgraduate programme, oriented towards training medium and top-level managers on becoming even better leaders.  The programme is conducted in Polish language.

  • Total Design Management is a one year postgraduate programme organized in a weekend mode for creative and talented people who are open to new ideas.
    The programme is a platform for meeting business and design.

  • ACCA Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance is a three semester, post-graduation studies accreditied by ACCA. The target programme candidate is working in an accounting or finance function in a multi-national firm where English is the working language.

  • Strategic Finance & Accounting preparing for ACCA Professional Level Exams is a 3-semester postgraduate programme conducted in Polish dedicated to those interested in strategic management in the field of finance and accounting. It is addressed to people planning on taking the ACCA exam on a Professionl level who are willing to widen their leadership competencies within finance and audit.

  • Training in Pharmacoeonomics is a postgraduate course aimed at graduates, with at least a Bachelor’s degree, who are working or intend to work in the pharmaceutical sector as well as the institutions managing and financing healthcare. The programme is conducted in Polish language.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies in Pharmaceutical Management are a one-year, part-time postgraduate studies carried out on the weekends and conducted in Polish.

  • Renewables in Business is a one-year post-graduate programme, co-created by the Warsaw University of Technology Business School and the Institute of Renewable Energy. It was created for people operating in the area of ​​renewable energy willing to learn about the economic conditions and the needs of the energy cost reduction market.

  • Sztuczna Inteligencja w Biznesie is an interactive, three-month course in Polish, in the e-learning formula, based on the scientifically proven “Instructor-Guided Project-Based Learning” model.

  • Programme addressed to all MBA studies graduates interested in using modern information technologies to increase the competitiveness of their organizations and generate new business models. Participation was created in cooperation with the GFKM.