MBA Kaizen Industry 4.0


Three-term postgraduate studies that were established in the partnership of WUT BS with Kaizen Institute Poland and Institute of Industry 4.0. The main purpose of the programme is to provide our students with practical knowledge of organization and management of a modern production company, which effectively operate on global market. The studies are addressed to middle and senior managers as well as directors.




Open day:

28th May 2024, 5:00 PM.


Duration: three-term, part-time

Language of instruction: Polish

Number of instruction hours:
c. 429 hours

Course start: 4th October 2024

Class hours:
Friday 4 p.m – 8:15 p.m
Saturday 9 a.m – 5:30 p.m
Sunday 9 a.m – 4:30 p.m.

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contact- ikonka
+ 48 22 234 70 89

What makes us unique

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    Practical approach – classes often take place in manufacturing companies where students will have the opportunity to participate in solving authentic problems related to operating activities

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    The programme is adapted to the challenges faced by production companies

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    Experienced lecturers in improving and supporting production processes

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    Using modern techniques and building your own strategies

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    The combination of the world of technology and effective management

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Programme Co-ordinator

Mariusz Bryke - Meritorical Director of MBA Kaizen Industry 4.0


  • prof. WSB, dr hab. inż. Mariusz Bednarek

    Professional experience: President of the Institute of Industry 4.0. Lecturer and Coordinator of the MBA Kaizen Industry 4.0 Program. He has many years of experience as a business advisor, titular read more
  • Dr inż. Paweł Urbański

    Professional experience: Through much of his career combined business experience with academia. He holds a PhD in Economics from Imperial College London and MBA and Engineering degree from Warsaw U read more
  • Prof PW, dr inż. Grażyna Rembielak

    Professional experience: Prof. Grazyna Rembielak is a Professor in Marketing at Warsaw University of Technology Business School. She has many years of experience in academic and research work at re read more
  • Marek Kosycarz

    Professional experience: Marek Kosycarz graduated from Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Precision Mechanics - Mechatronics). He holds an MBA from the Warsaw University of Technology Busi read more
  • Prof PW, dr hab. Andrzej Wodecki

    Professional experience: Assistant professor at the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology. He specializes in machine learning, reinforcement learning and the applications of read more
  • Prof. Bartłomiej Nita

    Professional experience: Bartłomiej Nita is a professor at the Wroclaw University of Economics, holds a postdoctoral degree in economic sciences, and serves as the Head of the Department of Account read more


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