Photo Contest

XVI edition of the “WUT BS PHOTO CONTEST 2023”



The first edition of the WUT BS Photo Contest was organized at the initiative and in cooperation with students
of Executive MBA 2007-09. All students, graduates, lecturers and members of staff of our School are invited to participate in the competition.



Category A: “Less is more”

1 Place

Rafał Więcławski

2 Place
„A więcej znaczy mniej”

Paweł Kot

3 Place and
Public Vote Price
„Free fall”

Oskar Baka

Honourable Mention
“Dziedziniec wieżowca
mieszkalnego w Hongkongu”

Klaudia Feruś


Category B: “Best photo I took in 2023”

1 Place and
Public Vote Price
„Zimowy taniec”

Paweł Kot

2 Place
„Hongkong –
kolorowe mrowisko”

Klaudia Feruś

3 Place
„Sfera –
misterium Słońca”

Dominika Siemieniak

Honourable Mention
“CVI Ermelo
Juniorteam Fredenbeck”

Ingrid Szrajer



Rules of the XVIth edition:


Categories of the Competition:

A. “Less is more”

In category A image manipulation is admissible. A person participating in the competition needs to have full copyrights or rights to use the submitted materials.

B. “The best photo I took in 2023”

In category B image manipulation is not admissible. An Entrant must be the author of a submitted photo.


Entering the competition:

To enter the competition, please:

1. acknowledge the TERMS click here
Send your best photos to * (in JPG. format, size no less than 1024×758 pixels)
3. Fill out an on-line application click here

Should you have any questions, please send an email to


The application deadline is

30 November 2023



The winners in both categories will be awarded a statuette.

A. “Less is more” Prize Winner 2023

B. “The best photo I took in 2023” Prize Winner 2023

Winners will also receive statuettes, diplomas, vouchers for mentoring sessions, Jacek Santorski’s books and other material prizes.

More information about sponsors of the prizes:

Anna Radzikowska

One of the prizes is a package of 3 individual mentoring sessions with Anna Radzikowska, a lecturer at the WUT Business School. Anna is an Executive & Leadership Coach, business trainer, mentor, social activist and investor with over 25 years of experience in corporate and business management. Anna Radzikowska is the holder of an MBA from Oxford Brookes University. She is an accredited coach and NLP master. She holds the Practitioner Coach Diploma and Executive & Corporate Coach Certificate of the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC & M) and the NLP Master Practitioner Certificate at the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

Edward Stanoch


You can also win a voucher for an Mentoring Walk session with Edward Stanoch, a business consultant, entrepreneur, lecturer, promoter of well-being. Edward has nearly 25 years of experience in the area of ​​strategic consulting and HR. Enthusiast of new technologies in medicine. A long-time and recognized EMBA lecturer at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School in the field of strategic management. He will provide support in the areas of: business strategy, strategic and HR consulting, mindfulness and concentration practices at work, rituals in the manager’s life that allow you to maintain the right balance between stress and regeneration.

Jacek Santorski

The laureates of the competition will also receive Jacek Santorski’s books which are extremely helpful with self-development and allow you to look at the world around you from a different perspective.  Jacek Santorski is a social and business psychologist, former psychotherapist and publisher, and a graduate of the University of Warsaw. He has been advising company owners and management boards for two decades. Jacek is a mentor, author of several books, recognized speaker, and interlocutor (podcasts). He was a member of the supervisory boards of Eurobank and Netguru. He is one of the founders of the Values training company, where the Academy of Leadership Psychology program was created. APP has been running at the WUT Business School for 13 years.

„Siła spokoju, którego nie ma”

Jacek Santorski
Jarek Szulski

„Metaskrypt Lidera”

Jacek Santorski

„Dobre życie”

Jacek Santorski






Photos are evaluated by the Panel of Judges appointed by WUT Business School.

1. dr Paweł Urbański – WUT Business School Director.
2. Konrad Siuda – Artist Designer, former Creative Director of Newsweek Polska and Gazeta Prawna, now working in cooperation with Przegląd Sportowy.
3. Marcin Janiszewski – Artist Photographer linked with Axel Springer Publishing House.

Photos are evaluated regarding the following criteria:

1. concept
2. creativity
3. compositional accuracy
4. technical accuracy


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