Anna Radzikowska

Professional experience:

Executive Coach, business trainer, mentor, social activist, and investor with over 25 years of experience in managing in the corporate and business environment.

Anna Radzikowska worked for many years in an international organization, participated in the restructuring process of one of the largest automotive companies in Poland, and managed her own company and a team of over 30 people. Since 2016, she has been involved in leadership and supports leaders in the effective management of themselves and people based on a human-centered leadership model. Anna designs, supervises, and implements leadership development programs with particular emphasis on the development of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, the ability to engage and motivate people, and team management. She conducts workshops for managerial staff in organizations from industries such as consulting, energy, IT, services, FMCG, pharmacy, fintech, banking, construction, and automotive. She has over 500 hours of individual sessions with managers behind her. She is a mentor and mentoring trainer in acceleration programs for women. She is directly involved and invested in projects aimed at respecting human rights, supporting cultural diversity, and reducing social differences, including equalizing opportunities for women in the labor market, fostering parenthood, and Polish-Jewish dialogue.

Anna Radzikowska is the holder of an MBA from Oxford Brookes University. She is an accredited coach and NLP master. She holds the Practitioner Coach Diploma and Executive & Corporate Coach Certificate of the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC & M) and the NLP Master Practitioner Certificate at the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.