AI in Business

The primary goal of the AI in Business course is to prepare managers to formulate a business case for a project using artificial intelligence in their organization. Participants will learn the most important information about machine learning, scenarios of using AI in business, the possible costs and benefits of such projects and the practical aspects of their implementation. They will also learn to design a strategy for the implementation of such a solution and present it to key beneficiaries.


 The course is addressed to:

Managers and specialists interested in using advanced methods of data analysis and machine learning in making operational and strategic decisions

Mid-level managers interested in developing business cases for projects using machine learning and AI and practical aspects of implementing such projects

High-level managers interested in identifying the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence in increasing competitive advantages and the impact of these technologies on consumer behavior and markets



Language of instruction: Polish

Start: 30 September 2023

Class hours:
Saturdays: 09:00– 16:15
Sundays: 09:00 – 16:15

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tel. 22 234 70 17

What makes us unique

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Knowledge about finding interesting ideas for utilizing machine learning/AI to improve a specific functional area within an organization operating in a selected industry.

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Identification of machine learning types for a selected business problem, along with recommending appropriate algorithmic classes.

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Focus on the business side of AI implementation projects, i.e. on the construction of a business case for a project that brings maximum benefits and at the same time easy to implement, without the need to delve into technological and mathematical details

Course co-ordinator

dr hab. Andrzej Wodecki

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology. He specializes in machine learning, reinforcement learning and the applications of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems in business. Author of the books Artificial Intelligence in Management. Self Learning and Autonomous Systems as Key Drivers of Value Creation. Edward Elgar Publishing 2020, and Artificial Intelligence in Value Creation Palgrave, MacMillan 2019. He has over a dozen years of experience in the implementation of ERP systems of large e-learning projects and human capital management, implementation of SAP and Oracle systems in the area of ​​human resources management, and strategic consulting for the public sector.


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