Anna Niedźwiedź

As a graduate in international economic and political relations (Warsaw School of Economics) and cultural studies (University of Warsaw), I believe that we should broaden our horizons to better understand the world around us, and the excess of knowledge is not harmful.

MBA studies at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School is a combination of theory and practice, exchange of experiences with people working in various sectors of the economy, inspiration for further activities, discovering new issues.

The undeniable advantage of the MBA studies chosen by me is cooperation with lecturers from such prestigious universities as London Business School, HEC School of Management Paris, NHH Norway School of Economics and Business Administration who are often experienced practitioners and are able to share their knowledge in an interesting way.

The most important thing when making decisions is understanding the causes and mechanisms governing a given phenomenon, hence the work on specific cases – on many subjects, simulation exercises – eg from economics, games and scenes carried out in human resources classes deserve a special distinction as the most effective methods teaching.

What did these studies give me? Despite the still small professional experience, I can say that they certainly gave me more confidence. Despite being fluent in English, these studios were also a great linguistic experience for me. I was also convinced that the “women’s” approach to solved problems is often better than “male” and the woman in the decision-making processes may be right. It turns out that sometimes men are from Venus … and some women from Mars. 🙂