Felix Kremer

MBA studies at the WUT BS is an excellent investment for those who want to develop their management skills. And this is because the concept of the program combines individual theories of management with specific problems to be solved

At the beginning of my studies at the PW WUT Business School, I already had a bachelor’s degree in International Business, as well as practical experience as a financial controller at the Daimler AG headquarters in Germany. Honestly, I doubted how much the MBA would be useful for all of this. Today I am convinced of the accuracy of that decision and would do exactly the same.

MBA students at SB WUT have close contact with lecturers, which personally allowed for creative disputes and discussions, and finally a completely new view of business issues. Forms of work such as group tasks, simulations or case studies force you to be fully involved in learning, which results in a heavy drudgery – but it is also very interesting. Our colleagues came from different sides and had different experiences behind them, so the class discussions went far beyond the theory.

For me, the most valuable feature of these studies is their wide range of topics, full of internal connections. This is something that I will draw to the end of my professional life. A practical insight into issues such as strategies, management of operations or human resources have broadened my horizons and helped to develop management skills.

As part of the year 2008/09 International MBA program, the PW Business School organized, in cooperation with Cass Business School in London, a project in which students acted as consultants. It was a great opportunity for us to participate in interesting business issues and establish contacts with MBA students from London.