Thierry Charamel

Why do I think that it is worth choosing an MBA programme at PW WUT Business School? In my case, the reason was simple. I was looking for a university in Warsaw offering a high quality program, good facilities and international prestige. The cooperation of the School of Business with three foreign universities, ie the London London Business School, the French HEC Paris and the Norwegian NHH Bergen, seemed very attractive to me, especially since I am French and wanted to obtain a diploma recognized in these countries.

At this stage of my career, I wanted to deepen my knowledge about the management and functioning of enterprises, improve managerial skills as well as develop my professional potential and establish contacts.

Thanks to my previous studies at the Polytechnic and professional experience, I had a good analytical preparation and ability to solve problems. Nevertheless, I lacked knowledge about business strategies, financial and market issues.

I was particularly interested in the personal development program and its potential benefits. The Executive MBA program has given me a comprehensive knowledge of business management, and has also allowed me to refine the ability to analyze technological innovations in the context of strategic planning, design and global competition.

The Executive MBA programme is difficult but at the same time very satisfying. I agree with Michał Anioł, who once wrote that “the greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we do not achieve the goal, but that we aim too low and achieve the goal”.