• prof. Alastair Nicholson

    London Business School

    Professional experience: Prof, Nicholson (BSc Ph.D.) is a consultant specializing in managing business operations: mergers, new product development, core process identification, strategic initiative, work in Poland and Russia

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  • dr hab. Maciej Niewada

    Professional experience: Dr. hab. n. med. Maciej Niewada is a specialist in clinical pharmacology, a lecturer at the Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology, and an assistant professor

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  • Prof. Bartłomiej Nita

    Executive MBA: Accounting, Management Control Akademia Konsultantów: Propozycja, wdrożenie i dostarczenie rozwiązania

    Professional experience: Bartłomiej Nita is a professor at the Wroclaw University of Economics, holds a postdoctoral degree in economic sciences, and serves as the Head of the Department of Accounting,

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  • Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Nowak

    Academy of Leadership Psychology

    Professional experience: An outstanding social psychologist, lecturer at the University of Florida, University of Warsaw, SWPS. Author of many books published abroad. He is interested in sports (he practices triathlon)

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  • Małgorzata Nowak

    leadership, management, communication and teamwork

    Professional experience: • I help managers develop competencies – I am a business practitioner, since 2000 I have been supporting organizations in increasing the competencies of the future: leadership, management,

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  • Prof. UEK, dr hab. Aleksandra Nowak-Gruca

    Selected legal aspects of new product development

    Professional experience: Aleksandra Nowak-Gruca is a professor at the University of Economics in Krakow, habilitated doctor of law, economist, business trainer, psychotraumatologist, and psychotherapist in the Gestalt training process. She

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