• Anna Zadrożna

    Career Angels

    Professional experience: She has been working in HR for nearly 20 years – first as a headhunter, and on the side of internal HR, where, as the HR Director, she

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  • Jakub Zając

    Coach, trener

    Professional experience: He is a trainer, coach and psychotherapist during certification, sociologist by education. In his work, he combines knowledge from areas of business, psychology, managment and presents in a

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  • Przemysław Zakrzewski

    Professional experience: Przemysław Zakrzewski has been associated with ABB since 2004, and since 2019 he has headed the ABB Group’s Corporate Technology Center, which creates solutions in the area of

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  • Agata Zalewska

    Professional experience: Agata Zalewska is a researcher. For 18 years she has been cooperating with research, consulting, and innovation agencies Nielsen (Cyprus), Quality Watch (Poland), Direct People Innovation (Czech Republic),

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  • Anna Zawada

    Health technology assessment, public health, health care system, health policy

    Professional experience: Graduate of the Faculty Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw, with many years of experience in the field of health technology assessment (HTA), related to

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  • Paweł Zięba

    OT/IT systems

    Professional experience: Paweł Zięba has over 15 years of experience in the field of building OT/IT systems, security of OT/IT systems, IT/OT strategy, and transformation gained both in global organizations,

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  • Arkadiusz Zieleźny

    Renewables in Business

      Professional experience: He’s been working in the field of energy from the very beginning of his carierre. He gained experience at Enron and PSEG Poland, and Atel Polska and

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  • Agnieszka Zielińska-Krywoniuk

    Professional experience: Agnieszka Zielińska-Krywoniuk is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw and the American Law Center. She has many years of experience in the

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  • Dr Waldemar Zieliński

    Drug registration, elements of pharmaceutical law

    Professional experience: – about 20 years of work in the field of drug registration – entrepreneur Achievements: Publication in journals and chapters in books about drug registration. Citizenship: Polish  

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  • Grzegorz Ziółkowski


      Professional experience: Grzegorz Ziółkowski, member of ACCA, is an experienced financial manager and tax generalist. In the years 2003-2007, he was involved in a number of mergers, acquisitions and

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