• Prof. Krzysztof Obłój

    Passion and discipline of strategy in the second decade of the 21st century

    Professional experience: Graduate in economics at the SGH (at that time SGPiS). In 1980 he defended his doctorate in sociology. Author of books such as: “Management, practical approach”, “Organization’s survival

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  • Prof. Rafał Ohme

    Academy of Leadership Psychology

    Professional experience: Associate professor. An expert in the field of psychology of persuasion, emotions and the subconscious. Author of books and many articles in foreign and domestic specialist and popular

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  • Paweł Olesiak

    SAMURAI GAME, Life Aikido, healthy competition, team morale and relaxed concentration

    Professional experience: Together with Paweł Bernaś they are the only certified European trainers of Samurai Game. Both are coaches and trainers with more than 15 years of experience. At the

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  • Andre Oliveira

    Professional experience: Kaizen Institute Poland: Business Development Director, Senior Consultant, Kaizen Institute Iberia: Operations Manager, Project Leader, Senior Consultant, Kaizen Institute Portugal: Consultant, Infineon

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  • Adrienn Olson

    Coach, trener

    Professional experience: Adrienn Olson helps professionals better express themselves with confidence and clarity. As a Communications Consultant she offers a wide range of Public Speaking and Business Presentations tools and

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  • Prof. Witold Orłowski

    Data acquisition, Research methodology, Macroeconomics, Global Financial Crisis Akademia Konsultantów: Metody analiz informacji

    Professional experience: Professor Witold M. Orłowski is an academic lecturer and chief economic advisor of PwC. In 2007, he received the scientific title of full professor of economic sciences. In

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  • Urszula Orzeł

    CEE Strategy and Market Advisor, Moyers, ex MSD Regional Director CEE Oncology

    Guest Speaker, CEE Strategy and Market Advisor, Moyers, ex MSD Regional Director CEE Oncology . Professional experience: Urszula Orzel brings over twenty years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical sector.

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  • Małgorzata Osowska


    Doświadczenie zawodowe: She is a graduate of sociology and social policy, specializing in local development at the University of Warsaw. An expert, researcher and passionate about the implementation of research

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  • Tadeusz Osowski

    Expert, IT Advisor, IT Architect

    Professional experience: Tadeusz Osowski – Expert, IT Advisor, IT Architect Smart City, Digital Transformation & Innovation, City platforms Tadeusz Osowski has been managing IT departments and implementing IT systems and

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  • Tomasz Osuch

    coach in the field of management, leadership, and sales

    Professional experience: Tomasz Osuch is a trainer and business coach at Krauthammer Intl. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and incl. Total Quality Management (Ecole Européenne de Qualité

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  • Tomasz Owczarek

    Experience: Tomasz specializes in training in leadership, team management, motivating, coaching, presentations, and inspirational speeches. Supports managers in the form of group and individual training in the area of ​​so-called

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  • Mariusz Ożga

    Lider the New Venture Project

    Professional experience: Head of Business Proposition, Innovation & Fintech Department, Alior Bank S.A. Experienced executive with 25 years of proven track-record bridging business, finance and technology. His professional

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