Prof. Bartłomiej Nita

Professional experience:

Prof. Bartłomiej Nita a Ph.D. and a D.Sc. in Economic Sciences and an associate professor at the Institute of Accounting, Faculty of Management, Computer Science and Finance at the University of Economics in Wroclaw. He also studied finance and accounting at the University of Limerick in Ireland. He specializes in issues relating to corporate finance, cost accounting and cost management, management accounting, measurement and evaluation of performance of enterprises, as well as valuation and value based management. Prof. Nita has published more than 100 scientific publications . He currently works as an associate professor in the Department Costing and Management Accounting at the Institute of Accounting , Faculty of Management , Computer Science and Finance at the University of Economics in Wroclaw and is cooperating with Ukrainian Sate University of Economics and Finance in Kyiv by giving lecturers and doing research. Prof. B Nita is not only a scientist, but also an excellent practitioner . It works with several companies dealing with consulting in accounting, finance and strategic management. He is also the author of numerous studies and reports for various companies and institutions. In practice, he designs systems of controlling, accounting and financial management. Bartłomiej Nita is also a business coach, who with passion and commitment presents complex issues in a clear and understandable manner. In order to enhance his training competence he finished School for Trainers and graduated from the School Tutors-Champions. He is a member of European Accounting Association and Performance Measurement Association.

Prof. Nita has won many prestigious awards and honors include: Young Researcher Award – Award for young researcher exhibiting a significant scientific achievement or participation in valuable scientific project, individual awards and second degree awarded by the Rector of the University of Economics in Wroclaw for achievements in field research work. His book “Strategic management accounting in the enterprise” was distinguished Golden Wings 2009 Legal Newspapers for the best young authors of specialist books. For  his thesis  “Managerial Accounting in supporting value-based management” received the award for the best doctoral thesis in the field of accounting given by the Scientific Council of the Association of Accountants in Poland.