Dr hab. Krzysztof Chróścielewski

Professional experience:

Krzysztof Chróścielewski has been an industrial designer for 30 years, a product design teacher for 27 years, and a researcher and teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. He co-founded the units and directions of product design at the West Pomeranian University of Technology and the Academy of Art in Szczecin. The promoter of over 90 undergraduate and graduate diploma projects, several doctoral projects, and a reviewer in 15 proceedings for the award of doctoral and postdoctoral degrees in design and fine arts. Since 2008, he has been running workshops at the Total Design Management postgraduate studies. With the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw, he carried out training in the programs “Zaprojektuj Swój Zysk“, “Wzornictwo-Biznes-Zysk“, 20 company audits in the “1.4 Wzór na konkurencję PO Polska Wschodnia” program, and 12 company diagnoses in the “2.3.5 Design dla Przedsiębiorców PO Inteligentny Rozwój”. As part of the implementation of design strategies in the “1.4 Wzór na konkurencję” program, he designed several dozen collections of hotel and bathroom furniture for Bumera and Devo companies and bathroom accessories for Sanit-Plast.

As part of the company Autorskie Studio Projektowe (1995-2015) and the proprietary brand designproduktu.com (2015-still), he is the author of over 380 implemented product designs, and several hundred visual communication systems, packaging lines, publications, interiors, fair stands, and exhibitions. Experience in international markets includes implementing product designs for the following companies: DeltaStecaETALincoln ElectricBehr, HansaGram, and Kaiser. Key clients for whom the products have been implemented: Amica, ZelmerNiewiadówCersanitŁucznikBesterKonexRecalartElcampCommonDytrychBumeraDevo, and Sanit-Plast. Key clients of the implemented systems of visual communication and publishing graphics: World Traditional Karate-Do FederationPaństwowe Wydawnictwo NaukowePolski Związek Karate TradycyjnegoEuropejskie Centrum Budo Dojo Stara Wieś.