Rafał Pierzchlewicz

Professional experience:

Rafał Pierzchlewicz is a lecturer at the Warsaw University of Technology Business School since 2015. He is a business practitioner in finance, operations and sales with international experience in management positions. For many years, he has supported domestic enterprises with his managerial background in increasing their operational and financial efficiency. He helps entrepreneurs achieve their business goals by verifying the business strategy, operational processes, and financial controls.

He gained professional experience in the financial departments of Ford Motor Company, in Poland as the Financial Director, and in the company’s European headquarters in Germany and England. In Poland, he was responsible, among others, for the sales and pricing of Ford cars in 1999 and 2000. In Germany, he supervised finance and marketing operations in a Norwegian startup that built electric cars, TH!NKcity.

In England, from 1995 to 1996, he participated in the development of the Ford Focus, which became the Car of the Year in Europe (1999) and the United States (2000). As of 2003, he participated in Ford’s strategic projects related to the purchase of production plants and acquiring external partners for joint ventures in Poland and Romania.

After returning to Poland in 2008, he was associated for 8 years with the investment markets and ING insurance funds, later Nationale Nederlanden. He supervised international teams in 7 countries of Eastern and Central Europe in the areas of financial asset management.

He is an entrepreneur with many years of experience, co-founder of a venture capital fund, he has been sitting on management and supervisory boards of companies, he advises startup teams in obtaining funds from private investors.