Navigating Your Success in Corporations

Navigating Your Success in Corporations is a purpose-built programme in English consisting of 15 daily modules and addressed to managers pursuing their professional careers in large multinational organizations. The purpose of the Navigating Your Success in Corporations course is to offer some insightful, relevant, and practical perspective on a host of subjects related to operating in large, multinational, matrixed organizations. 

We offer mentoring program under the coordination of Jacek Pastuszka, a manager with an exceptional corporate career on a global level, and Joanna Pommersbach, an experienced advisor with many years of experience in management positions in global human capital consulting companies.

Provided knowledge is supported by practical examples and business cases from management experience across four global companies – Procter & Gamble, Danone, AIG, and Carlsberg, Hay Group, Korn Ferry as well as examples from guests companies such as Dentsu, MDS, Astra-Zeneca, Moyers Legal or BNP Paribas Cardif.

The entire program is focused on understanding the logic and specificity of the operation of large corporations. Our goal is to prepare participants to have a greater positive impact on corporate business by developing key competencies in the corporate environment, such as strategic thinking, influencing, managing uncertainty in the VUCA/BANI world, building effective teams, working in matrix structures, professional and personal ethics.

As a result, participants will be prepared better (and hopefully more successful) in managing their corporate careers. All sessions are conducted jointly by Jacek and Joanna, and some are attended by special guests – managers with many years of experience in corporations who perform C-level roles at the national, regional, or global level. Thanks to this, each subsequent session is a continuation of the previous one – together we build a better understanding of key corporate work topics, and participants have the opportunity to learn different points of view, present their own examples, and get answers to their questions. At the end of the program, they will create their own career development plan according to the proposed model and will have the opportunity to receive support from one of the mentors during an individual session.

Who is this programme specifically designed for?

Managers in large multinational organizations, looking for skills and insights that will help them improve performance, enhance job satisfaction, and consistently develop their career in line with their aspirations.
Managers who progressed well in their to-date careers and wish to master the skills most relevant for the continued progress towards more significant responsibilities, especially in a multi-country and cross-cultural setting.
Managers whose ambition is to move over time from functional accountability to general management, and department heads becoming members of executive committees (C-level) or heads of business units.




Admission is open

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Language of instruction: English

Number of instruction hours: 120h

Start: May 2023

Class hours:
Saturday: 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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contact- ikonka
tel. 22 234 70 89

  • 25 lat tradycji

    The programme is unique. This is the only programme on the Polish market that offers you knowledge and skills that will guide you on how to succeed regionally and globally in large, matrixed, multinational corporations.

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    Diverse and rich content delivered over 15 full-day face-to-face sessions, covering a broad spectrum of subjects relevant to managers working in large organizations.

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    Valuable networking opportunities, as you get direct exposure to selected, top-notch lecturers and guest speakers with hard-won, practical experience in effectively navigating the corporate world themselves.

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    Broad, interdisciplinary session content, rooted in the most up-to-date management models and theories, while addressing the most down-to-earth challenges faced in daily work.

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    Real-life business case studies derived from the lecturers’ own management experience, exposing participants to concrete business dilemmas, specific decisions taken, and their consequences.

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    The reputation and experience of WUT Business School in creating powerful leadership programmes that provide high-quality knowledge and skills for management practitioners.

Study programme

MODULE 1: Corporations, how deserving and well-grounded is their widespread reputation?
MODULE 2: Demonstrating and exercising leadership skills, despite constrained hierarchical power.
MODULE 3: The job of a manager in a large, multilayered organization – today and tomorrow.
MODULE 4: Managing in VUCA world, given that large companies are set up for less turbulent times.
MODULE 5: How you should approach strategy, when your autonomy to shape or adjust it is limited.
MODULE 6: Practical aspects of operating in an environment dependent on effective teamwork.
MODULE 7: How to practically approach the subject of ethics, purpose, values & personal integrity?
MODULE 8: Decision making, execution and managing the business for measurable performance.
MODULE 9: Time & change management, in a fluid environment of multiple distractions and inputs.
MODULE 10: Perspective and practical advice on career progression in a large, matrixed organization.
MODULE 11: Diversity & Inclusion – practical perspective and a call for specific management action
MODULE 12: Exerting influence in a position of hierarchical power, both effectively and ethically.
MODULE 13: Avoiding burn-out and handling the common challenges around work/life balance.
MODULE 14: First 100 Days in a new leadership position, the perils of a ‘quick drying cement’.
MODULE 15: Working well cross-functionally and relating to others in a highly matrixed organization.


Programme Leader

Jacek Pastuszka

Large international organizations have their own specifics and requirements. Being often reliable, recognizable, and stable employers, they provide opportunities for multidimensional personal and professional development and learning about other cultures and countries. They also give the opportunity to take responsibility for a large-scale comprehensive business and participate in projects with a global reach. In return, they require a high level of managerial competence, the ability to function in matrix structures, high flexibility, resilience, and adaptability. And that's what the programme is about. For those of you whose professional careers are already related to such organizations, I would like to invite you to an advanced course in navigating the corporate world, which will strengthen your skills in navigating it effectively.


  • Jacek Pastuszka

    Programme Director, ex - Executive Vice President, Head of Western Europe, Carlsberg. Professional experience: A seasoned business executive with more than 30 years of hands-on senior management e read more
  • Joanna Pommersbach

    Content Director, Neuman Executive Partner. Professional experience: Joanna offers a unique perspective in the field of HR consulting. She bridges the gap between the academic world and managemen read more
  • Grzegorz Jurczyk

    Guest Speaker, CEO BNP Paribas Cardif in Poland . Professional experience: An experienced senior executive in the financial sector (commercial and retail banking, consumer finance, insurance, car read more
  • Agata Kaczmarska

    Guest Speaker, VP HR, Dentsu Polska & CEE. Professional experience: Agata Kaczmarska is an expert in human capital management, with many years of experience in implementing projects for Polish read more
  • Urszula Orzeł

    Guest Speaker, CEE Strategy and Market Advisor, Moyers, ex MSD Regional Director CEE Oncology . Professional experience: Urszula Orzel brings over twenty years of professional experience in the ph read more
  • Alina Pszczółkowska

    Guest Speaker, Global Senior Director Study Management Astra-Zeneca. Professional experience: A MD – graduate of Medical Academy in Katowice and Medical Academy in Warsaw. In 2009 she obtained the read more

Programme Fee

Regular price: 19 500 PLN.


  • Diploma


    After completing the programme, graduates receive a Diploma of Navigating Your Success in Corporations issued by the Warsaw University of Technology Business School.





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