prof. WSB, dr hab. inż. Mariusz Bednarek

Professional experience:

President of the Institute of Industry 4.0. Lecturer and Coordinator of the MBA Kaizen Industry 4.0 Program. He has many years of experience as a business advisor, titular professor, and “visiting” Polish, Mexican, Canadian, American, and Spanish universities and colleges. Concrete industrial experiences include plants, incl. Bosch, Delco – Remy, Valeo, Eagle Pitcher, General Motors, General Electric, CCHBC, PHO, Delfo SA, Grupa Kęty. He was the Rector and Dean. Member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Humanities.

He participated in lots of projects and industrial implementations, together with research and works related to modernization in production and management processes, including Lean Manufacturing / Kaizen / Industry 4.0 and World Class Manufacturing (WCM). The results of these works allowed enterprises to improve the activities undertaken in the fields of cost reduction, modernization, and improvement of management and production systems.

He has worked in industrial plants in Europe and French, German, and American car companies. He is fluent in several languages ​​and has knowledge of various social cultures. He was the Executive Director and member of the Management Board of Iberia Motor Capital Group and secretary of the Polish section of BAIC. He has published many publications and works about improving the functioning of enterprises. He is an expert who gives opinions on draft programs of scientific and research work in the EU and NAFTA. Professor of WSB Warszawa. Leading consultant of the Institute of Industry 4.0 and Indoorway.