Konrad Wiśniewski


Professional experience:

Consultant of science at Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej (IEO) and a PhD in Physics at University of Technology.

He’s a graduate of: Technical Physics – „computer physics” and „modeling of complex systems” and philosophy at the Warsaw University.

At IEO he deals with photovoltaics’ productivity analysis. He carried analysis on i.e. Systems power-to-heat and the radiation power in Poland.

During PhD he’s been working due to his Narodowe Cetrum Beethoven grant on a regular physic models describing fenomens in the field of photovoltaics modules.

He finished his internships in Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Modelowania Matematycznego i Komputerowego where he dealed with models of weather forecast and a 2 months internship in Taiwan educating instructors responsible for creating and monitoring the photovoltaics systems.