Grzegorz Wiśniewski

Professional experience:

Founder (2001) and president (until now) of the Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) in Warsaw, former (1997-2004) director of the European Commission Center for the Baltic Sea Region for Renewable Energy Sources (EC BREC). He specializes in renewable energy technologies, energy policy, energy economics and analyzes of the electricity and heat market. He is a co-author of the Polish strategy on renewable energy (2001) and over a dozen strategic reports for the Polish government and the European Commission. He was a member of the ManagEnergy Reflection Group (chairman 2007-2008) – an advisory group of the European Commission in the field of sustainable energy. He participated in the work of many advisory bodies at the governmental level, including a member of the Steering Committee for Advanced Energy Use Systems at the National Center for Research and Development, the Advisory Team for the development of production of equipment for renewable energy, the Monitoring Committee of the OPIE, the GreenEvo Chapter and others. Since 2016, he has been a member of the National Development Council appointed by the President of the Republic of Poland. He is a laureate of the titles: “Promotor of renewable energy” of the “Czysta Energia” monthly  and “New Impuls’2014” of the “Nowy Przemysł” monthly for the contribution to the development of prosumer concepts in renewable energy. In 2015, he won the title of the “Man of the Year of Polish Ecology”