Prof PW, dr inż. Grażyna Rembielak

Professional experience:

Prof. Grazyna Rembielak is a Professor in Marketing at Warsaw University of Technology Business School. She has many years of experience in academic and research work at recognized foreign universities. She lived and worked in the UK for ten years at Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford-Manchester. Currently, she is based in Poland, and she liaises internationally in terms of teaching, research, and enterprise with, for example, the University of Salford in Manchester, UK; Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Management Center in Innsbruck, Austria; Baruch College – New York City University, USA; GOA Institute, India.

Prof. Grazyna Rembielak obtained Doctorate in Economics from Warsaw University of Life Sciences- SGGW (2004). Her professional experience lies in Marketing and Management and International Business. She has extensive experience in academic teaching, University Programmes design and development, management, educational quality assurance and improvement, and innovative teaching and global accreditations.

She has much experience performing managerial roles using her marketing and managerial skills and expertise. In the last fifteen years, she worked as a Director of Admissions, Schools and Colleges Liaison, and Director of Undergraduate Programmes at Salford Business School, the University of Salford, Manchester. Currently, she works as Director of the Quality and Development Department, EMBA and MBA Programmes Director, and Total Design Management Programme Director at Warsaw University of Technology Business School.

Prof. Grazyna Rembielak is also an active researcher taking part in internal and external (national and international) research bids, which is reflected in several publications and conference participation in highly ranked international conferences in the European countries, and the USA, mainly in the field of Marketing, including Services Marketing in the public and non-public Higher Education institutions, quality systems in Higher Education; Consumer Behaviour: consumer expectations, perceptions, motivations and satisfaction in the case of global Higher Education, as well as developing and maintaining the high quality of taught programmes.

She has also carried out and is presently doing review work for several highly ranked international journals and is a member of editorial boards for some journals and conferences. She is a co-founder and a chairman of the Scientific Council of the “Applied Business and Economics Journal.”


Polish and British