Executive MBA


In response to modern business world expectations, Warsaw University of Technology Business School has transformed an out-of-date traditional structure of managerial programmes into an innovative THREE PILLARS approach that aspires to shape advanced leaders.

All programmes offered by WUT Business School are based on those three pillars: Knowledge for Business, Business in Action and Personal Development: Transformation Labs. These result in a responsible, effective and competent leader, capable of facing modern world challenges.

Students now have a chance to obtain the MBA diploma after just 3 semesters!
For those interested, there is also a possibility to take up the 4th semester of the studies and gain even more knowledge during individually chosen specialized modules.

NEW IN THE PROGRAMME! Executive MBA students have a chance to take part in the New York City study trip. As part of the programme, they attend a business seminar in The City University of New York, Baruch College, one of the School’s new partner universities.



Pillar I: Knowledge for Business

It is a set of standard areas of knowledge and skills necessary for versatile managers aspiring to become fully-fledged leaders one day.  Knowledge for business covers, among others, economics, finance, accounting, marketing, operations management and legal aspects of business activity, strategy, management control and information systems, and human resources management.


Core Course Executive MBA


1. Opening Lecture & Information Meeting
2. Team building – full-day workshop & networking outside of Warsaw
3. Essential toolbox for online team collaboration and personal productivity (ONLINE MODULE)



1. Macroeconomics
2. Microeconomics



1. Marketing Management
2. Digital & Social Media Marketing
3. BrandPro simulation game
4. Sales & Negotiations



1. Human Resources Management and Talent Development
2. Organisational Behaviour
3. Change Management
4. Compliance Management



1. Accounting for Executives
2. Financial Statements for Executives
3. Corporate Finance & Financial Performance
4. Private Equity



1. Operations Management
2. Business Information Systems & Business Analytics
3. Enterpreneurial & Innovation Management



1. Strategic Management
2. Strategic Communications
3. Strategy Execution



Business Ethics
Social Impact Lab
Our world is facing problems of utmost urgency and unprecedented scale that can no longer be solved at the symptoms levels. In order to reach the core of the issues, we need to work on deeper levels of our creativity and strengthen our connection with the emerging future. “The Theory U” of the MIT  Presencing Institute gives a unique method and framework for this type of deep social change process. It has attracted over 100000 people in 185 countries and you will have a unique opportunity to learn its principles and to apply them in real life. The cases will be brought to you by renowned non-profit organizations and you, together with your team, will be requested to provide a solution to their problem and have your chance to make a real change in the world. 


Specialized Courses


By choosing a set of Specialized Courses, students can get more concentrated expertise in the industries, functions, and ideas that interest them most. Students are obliged to complete at least three facultative courses from the courses held in Warsaw, Vilnus and Milan. Students are required to complete at least three of the specialized subjects (in the last edition of the program, students could choose subjects in Warsaw, Vilnius, Budapest, as well as Milan (Politecnico di Milano).

The WUT Business School

Project Management & Business Transformation
Big Data, Company Valuation and Mergers
Design Thinking
Industry 4.0

Baltic Management Institute

Business & Corporate Strategy
Business Development Plan
Corporate Governance & Legal Environment
Innovation Management
Managing People & Change in Organizations
Executive Presence

Politecnico di Milano

Circular Economy
Global Business Risks
Governance & Management in Family Companies
Sales Management

Manegement Center Innsbruck

Global Macroeconomics
Managing International Business

Pillar II: Business in Action

The Business in Action pillar consolidates the knowledge and skills from various areas in the process of solving complex and multidimensional problems. The pillar operates through special workshops and business projects delivered by students. Business in Action is a sort of cutting-edge executive training that trains you in the four roles needed for business: an investor, an entrepreneur, a consultant and a new CEO.

Business Analysis Project

Preparation of the formal research paper in the area of economics and management. Analyzing the problem and presenting the outcome of the research.

What do you gain? Development of analytical and advocacy skills.


New Venture / Product Project

An exercise in creating highly innovative business projects – a hypothetical start-up company. Students must shape the project, create a feasible business plan and convince the investors to finance it.

What do you gain? The ability to follow the entrepreneurial process of taking an idea and developing a new venture with an excellent business model.


Consultancy Project

Solving real-life problems of existing companies. Students examine the problem, make a fact-finding trip and deliver a consultancy report for the firm. The exercise has an international dimension.

What do you gain? The ability to define, analyze, and find solutions to real-life, complex business problems.


Pillar III: Personal Development: Transformation Labs

If you’re in the course of preparing a complex development plan of yourself as a manager and/or leader, one thing you should definitely remember about is appropriate attending to your interpersonal skills, self-awareness and self-improvement. Numerous real-life cases prove their crucial role both in establishing and maintaining business relations and in the overall efficiency and well-being of people within their professional environment.

Personal Development: Transformation Labs

This pillar aims to create opportunities for an insight into one’s personal skills and competences of managers and development in terms of the needs arising from the challenges of technological revolution and social change, including cultural and generational diversity. It’s a transformation process combining elements of individualization and teamwork with the use of modern diagnostic and workshop tools.

Personal Development: Transformation Labs is a unique combination of:

– Diagnosis of your personal strengths and areas for effective development of management and leadership skills
– Access to practical techniques and personal development models
– Opportunity to confront the vision of your career with the market reality


The Programme consists of four complementary elements:

1. Get an Insight – you will get an opportunity to diagnose yourself through Core Leadership Competences 360º assessment and other tests providing insights into your behaviors in various business contexts (i. a.. teamwork, communication, resolving conflicts)

2. Define Your Development Goals – you will get an opportunity to attend individual development sessions, with the support of your personal Coach/Mentor, making critical analysis and preparing your individual development plan.

3. Practice Efficient Interactions with Others – you will participate in a series of practical workshops shaping your skills, i. a. cooperation skills, critical thinking, resolving complex problems, engaging and motivating employees, public speeches and negotiations.

4. Prepare SMART Career Progression Plan – as part of the Talent Tree programme, you will have an opportunity to participate in a General Interview organized by renowned executive search companies which cooperate with the School; the purpose of GE is to give you an insight into how your professional competences are assessed by experienced recruiters in terms of their compatibility with your career objectives.

 Optional study visits

WUT Business School’s students have the incredible opportunity to take part in optional study visits in India, the USA, or China. It gives a unique insight into the respective business culture thanks to tailor-made meetings, seminars and networking events with local entrepreneurs, CEOs and acknowledged experts.



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Language of instruction: English

Number of instruction hours:
500h + 300h
of optional specialised courses

Course start: 15 October

Class hours:
Friday: 6:00 p.m.-9:15 p.m
Saturday: 8:15 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Sunday: 8:15 a.m.-3:30 p.m

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