Dr David Beech

Professional experience:

As a Chartered Psychologist David is registered by the UK Health 8 Care Professions Council as a Practitioner psychologist. Prior to entering adult education David worked in the private sector for 8 years in a range of human resource management and organisafion development roles and then worked intemationally for 9 years as a consultant in business psychology and organisational effectiveness. He has worked intemationally in undergraduate, postgraduate, and executive education since 1998. This includes community leadership development and social enterprise projects in the UK for the National College for School Leadership, the NHS, and Nesta (originally National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts). David has completed leadership development projects for executive and board directors in multinational companies headquartered in Germany and the Netherlands and executive education projects in China, France, Thailand, and the USA. David researches all aspects of leadership behaviour and organisational effectiveness from a social psychology (social representations) perspective, with a particular interest in an insfitutional perspective on leadership, organisational behaviour, and forms of organising