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  • The Warsaw University of Technology Business School focuses on AI in business

The Warsaw University of Technology Business School focuses on AI in business

The interest in artificial intelligence is not weakening, and the forecasts leave no doubt – the best years are ahead of the global and domestic AI market. It is also a lot of challenges because soon business will need qualified managers and specialists prepared to develop strategies, who know the basics of machine learning and are fluent in the practical aspects of AI implementations. The Warsaw University of Technology Business School has just launched registration for the first interactive online course in Poland, devoted to the use of artificial intelligence in business.

In just two years, new technologies are to provide 133 million new jobs, and in five – the global value of the entire AI sector is expected to reach nearly $ 190 billion. The forecasts and hopes for the Polish economy are equally ambitious – according to PARP, 700 companies using artificial intelligence should be established in our country by 2025, which will translate into the demand for 200,000 jobs. specialists in the sector. By 2025, according to PARP, 97% of the largest global players will use AI. [1] So it is no longer a melody of the distant future, but the present, and very real, at your fingertips. And not exactly in line with what we know from science-fiction movies, where it is often presented as a potential threat. In fact, it is primarily a great opportunity for development. Artificial intelligence is and will be the main driving force of Industry 4.0, based on advanced information technologies, robots and computers with high computing power, but also on Big Data or the aforementioned AI.

Working on a living organism

It is not surprising then that in view of the advancing technological development, there will be far-reaching changes in the labor market. Specialists are needed now, and soon the demand for their services will increase even more. The ability to use AI, Big Data or data analytics in a few years will be one of the most desirable competences – also for modern middle and senior managers. That is why the Warsaw University of Technology Business School has already started work on an interactive online course on the use of AI in business. The “Artificial Intelligence in Business” course is the first project of this type in Poland, based on the “Instructor-Guided Project-Based Learning” model. Participants will learn AI implementations by developing projects with the support of a mentor-practitioner with many years of experience.

– It is a scientifically confirmed model that proves that “working with a living organism” works best and strengthens practical knowledge. Additionally, interactive classes will be combined with teamwork on your own project, as well as focused on the business side of AI implementation projects. The point is that the projects should be skilfully justified from the business point of view, and at the same time bring maximum benefits – explains Dr. Andrzej Wodecki, author and substantive supervisor of the Artificial Intelligence in business course and lecturer of MBA programs at the Business School of the Warsaw University of Technology, specializing in information systems, electronic business, e-learning and innovation management.

Theory, practice and certificate

The course will start in mid-October and will last three months until the end of January. The topics of the lectures include capabilities and applications of AI systems, their architectures, machine learning algorithms and methods, business case for artificial intelligence or good practices and implementation strategies in the organization.

The practical part, i.e. project preparation – will consist of five components: ideas, solution architecture, business justification, implementation plan and presentation of the solution to the Management Board.

The condition for receiving a course completion certificate is participation in each of the elements of work on the group project. More information on recruitment as well as the course and program of classes can be found on the website of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School.



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[1] Source: https://www.parp.gov.pl/component/content/article/58357:do-2025-r-polska-bedzie-potrzebowac-ok-200-tys-specjalistow-zajmujacych-sie-sztuczna-inteligencja?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter_parp