Robert Mikulski

Professional experience:

Robert Mikulski is an attorney-at-law, Managing Partner at Brillaw Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Mikulski & Partnerzy for over 22 years. He advises the WeSub Management Board, President of the BioForum Management Board, a partner of the Arboretum, and a member of the Warszawski Klub Rotariańskiego. Robert is also an active member of the Warszawska Izba Gospodarcza for many years.

Robert is an expert in the field of legal aspects of sharing, subscription & circular economy, and startups (fintech) as well as solutions and legal regulations in the field of infrastructure and energy investments (in particular in renewable energy and hydrogen). He actively participates in energy development projects and is a board member of the Stowarzyszenie Polski Wodór. Robert is a mental trainer and practitioner of the “human touch” approach in business. He always focuses on relationships and cooperation.