• Zarządzanie sobą i morale zespołu w trudnych czasach – on-line debate (in Polish)

    What does it mean to be a succesful leader during the epidemics? On 30 March, there was on-line debate in Polish ‘Zarządzanie sobą i morale zespołu w trudnych czasach’. Webinar wase conducted in Polish, by real  Authorities:  Jacek Santorski, Prof Witold Orłowski and Sebastian Burgemejster.

  • Career & Job Search in light of the coronavirus

    How to build your career in times of the coronavirus? What about job search? On 8 April, Sandra Bichl from Career Angels shared with us some tips during another Talent Tree meeting,  ‘Career & Job Search in light of the coronavirus’. 

  • Pandemia COVID-19, jak widzi to sam wirus? (in Polish)

    Is a virus a living creature? What purpose does it have? Why does it need us? Answers were given on 15 April, during an on-line meeting with Prof. Marcin Czech, ‘Pandemia COVID-19, jak widzi to sam wirus?’.

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  • Impostor Syndrome – czy zasługuję na sukces?

    We’d like to invite you to watch the webinar titled ‘Impostor Syndrome – Do I deserve success?’ featuring Michał Kaźmierski and Jacek Santorski as part of Academy of Leadership Psychology programme. The meeting was conducted in Polish.

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  • MBA Graduation 2017-2019

    In October the MBA Graduation was held. We’d like to congratulate the graduates of Executive MBA, MBA Finance & Technology oraz MBA Digital Transformation. We wish you further success!

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  • Executive MBA 2016-2018 Graduation

    In October 2018, there was a graduation ceremony of the Executive MBA 2016-2018 programme. Huge congratulations to all the alumni!

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