Piotr Kępski


Security systems analyst

ComCERT and the Safe Cyberspace Foundation

Currently, he works as a Cybersecurity Systems Analyst at ComCERT S.A., where he deals with the area of ​​modeling threats in cyberspace and TTP (techniques, tactics, and procedures) in cyber attacks. Internal auditor of the Information Security Management System according to ISO / IEC 27001. He has experience in implementing information protection policies using ISO / IEC 27001 and in planning and implementing security policies for infrastructure and digital information based on ISO / IEC 27001, 27002, and 27005. For many years associated with the area of ​​IT systems maintenance in the public sector, both at the technical and management level. As a member of the Safe Cyberspace Foundation, he actively works to strengthen awareness in the area of ​​threats from cyberspace, including conducting trainings, co-creates a series of Cyber, Cyber ​​… podcasts, and participating in the organization of the CyberTwierdza League.
Passionate about shooting, board games as well as MMO/RPG games.