Klaudia Kobyłecka

Professional experience:

Senior Kaizen Consultant at Kaizen Institite Poland

Specializes in consulting and training in the field of management and process optimization using Lean/KAIZEN tools. She conducts audits on the level of implementation of Lean/Kaizen (according to the KAIZEN Management System standard), 5S audits, mapping processes (including virtual ones) and other tools that increase internal and external efficiency, implementation of TPM strategy (comprehensive Machine Park Management), strategic sessions and training for top management. Teaches structural techniques to solve problems related to creative teamwork techniques.

She worked for such companies as: Andre, Balmain, Bosch, BP Polska, Ceramika Paradyż, EFL, Faurecia, Fortum, Grupa Kęty, Hebe, MPWiK, NIVEA, Organique, Osadkowski, Sanitec Koło, Scania Polska, TPSA, US Pharmacia, Vattenfall, Volvo , Voss, Whirlpool, Wrocław Mineral Resources Mines, Zehnder Group.