Accreditation EFMD

Accreditation EFMD

The Warsaw University of Technology Business School has prestigious EFMD accreditation for our Executive MBA program.

This accreditation is granted by the  European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) based in Brussels, which associates the best business schools in the world.

This accreditation confirms the highest international standards achieved by the university in delivering MBA programs.






The Warsaw University of Technology Business School has been a member of EFMD since 1993 and has had accreditation for the Executive MBA programme since 2006.


Accreditations for MBA programs are granted by three prestigious and globally recognized accrediting institutions:

EFMD based in Brussels,

the American AACSB,

the British AMBA.

The accreditation process may take many years and is very rigorous, both in terms of admission criteria and the auditing procedure covering all aspects of the university’s operations and program.

This includes: a comprehensive report and a visit the institution to assess the programme(s) in terms of the EFMD Programme Accreditation standards and to draw up recommendations for future progress.

Accreditation is granted for 3-5 years and it may be renewed.


EFMD Accredited Programmes





Executive MBA programme accredited since 2006




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