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Visits to a large spectrum of partner companies from the sectors of new technologies and innovations allow the participants to get to know a business from a different/unavailable side.

Thanks to cooperation with companies from many different sectors, our students have the opportunity to take part in exciting and horizon-expanding visits to partner companies. During the visits, participants can learn from the practical side of the operation of a given business and learn more about the entire sector this company operates. An extensive offer of visits gives students the opportunity to learn more about the companies and sectors that interest them.

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The group of WUT Business School partner companies includes e.g. AIUT Sp. z o.o., APA Sp. z o.o., ASTOR Sp. z o.o., Central Laboratory CEZAMAT, Dell Technologies Inc, ELPLC S.A., High Technology Machines Sp. z o.o., Hitachi Energy Ltd., KUKA AG, and Siemens.

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