ACCA Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance 2024/25


Formal requirements:

1. MA degree + min. 3 years of work experience or BA degree + min. 5 years of work experience
2. Advanced knowledge of English (Level C1)
3. Submission of required document


On-line application form

Apply for ACCA Postgraduate Studies in Accounting & Finance! Fill in the application form via
the On-line recruitment module.




Online English Test 

In order to receive the link contact




Document submission

After filling in the form via the “On-line recruitment” module, please visit the School in order to:

1. sign the application
2. provide a full set of necessary documents (listed below)

>>>see the list of required documents



Recruitment results

Each of the candidates will be informed by e-mail.



Recruitment is open!


Informational meeting online:

19. June 2024, 5:00 PM




Katarzyna Ciemniewska
tel. 22 234 70 15


Do you need more information?
Contact us : (22) 234 70 89