Krzysztof Dyki

Profesional experience:

A specialist in the field of machine code, reverse engineering of software, and optimization of purchasing processes in the IT sector.

Court expert in the field of IT issues of the enterprise class; mainframe systems; analysis of contracts and specifications of IT orders; software and IT systems audits and valuations; evaluation of intellectual property rights in the software and source code; reverse engineering of software and databases and criminal analysis in information technology (spyware, phishing, pharming, botnet). Author of scientific publications and practical implementations in the field of software security, machine code, and software licensing issues.

Independent expert in the field of counteracting and combating fraud and control of IT procurement in the field of hardware, software, and copyrights. He cooperates with government administration offices, combined government administration bodies, and units of the public finance sector, including state public-law institutions. Author of conclusive analyzes and opinions on enterprise-class IT procurement in the area of ​​strategic state systems. Author of trainings in the field of computerization, conflict of interest, corruption threats, cybercrime, machine code, reverse engineering, and copyright.

Member of the Council for Digitization established by the Minister of Digitization. Member of the NASK Scientific Council. Advisor to the Steering Committee of the e-Proof project, appointed by the Minister of Interior and Administration, the Minister of Digitization, and the Minister of Health.

In the past, he was a co-founder and Member of the Management Board of the Application Critical Company belonging to the Ministry of Finance, which creates analytical IT systems supporting the Tax Administration and other state authorities in penal and fiscal activities.

Creator of software for state authorities covered by the protection of classified information. In addition, to experience in the public sector, he independently carried out foreign commercial projects related to the decompilation and reverse engineering of software (including malware) and databases. Responsible for the analysis and optimization of the machine code of executable software in terms of the speed of processed data without access to source codes and documentation. The author analyzes and tests hardware and software security ordered by their producers (including Sony DADC).