Value creation in e-Business and Financial Performance

prof. Sylwia Sysko-Romańczuk
So far there have been only a few attempts to empirically test the relation between the drivers of value creation and the financial e-business performance with a quantitative approach, though the outcomes were rather inconclusive and context sensitive.

In 2013 we published the results of our survey study investigating links between modes of value creation and profitability of Polish internet companies. The findings revealed that out of four elements comprising a value creation model, that according to Amit and Zott’s taxonomy (2008) comprise novelty, complementarities, customer lock-in and efficiency, only the complementarities were statistically significant predictors of financial performance. The key objective of the proposed research is to test the link between the adopted value creation model (originally proposed by Amit and Zott, 2001) and the financial performance of e-business companies sampled from a wider set of European countries.