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Dear Students and Graduates of the WUT Business School – take part in the new series of networking meetings,
as part of the programme that we create together.
We would like to focus on providing our community with access to various business-relevant topics.

Among us there are experts and leaders who completed their programmes here – on Koszykowa St. – even 30 years ago. Whenever we see each other – whether stationary or online – you can experience how much cordiality and valuable diversity lies  among colleagues from our university. All it takes is to meet up and get to know each other to benefit from this wealth:
• socialize,
• general development,
• and in situations where, in confidentiality, in a friendly manner, we need to advise on professional challenges.

With us, everyone has the privilege of receiving knowledge and support in a trusted group of students, graduates and lecturers. That is why we invite you to smart networking as part of the program that we create together. Check below what is already on the agenda for 2022. We also count on your ideas and recommendations for joint activities.

What’s in the programme in 2022?

Future networking events:

Business Problem Solving – 6 facilitated consulting workshops

Do you want to talk about a professional challenges in order to gain various points of view in a friendly group and then take deliberate actions? Take advantage of expert consultations with friends from the School. Report a topic and we will deal with it together.
Formula: we meet to advise the person who submitted the topic. We work with the participation of a facilitator. The hybrid meeting lasts 2h 15minutes in total (5.45 P.M.- 8.00 P.M.). After the substantive part (If we have the desire) we can go to the social part. Everything is in our hands 🙂
When: more information soon


Back to School – 4 microlearning with Lecturers

We believe that lifelong learning is worthwhile. Then life becomes an adventure. We are also contributing to this and invite you to 4 meetings with our lecturers.
Formula: we listen to a mini-lecture (approx. 50 minutes), and then we exchange thoughts together during a moderated Q&A session (approx. 25 minutes). In the next hour, we take part in networking activities. The online or hybrid meeting lasts 2h15 minutes in total (5.45 P.M.- 8.00 P.M.).
When: more information soon


An Hour with an Expert – 4 inspirational meetings

We invite you for a dose of inspiration in the area of ​​self-development towards various competencies that matter on the market.
Formula: we get to know the perspectives presented by the guest of the meeting (approx. 40 minutes), then we discuss the topic during a moderated Q&A session (approx. 20 minutes). In the next hour, we take part in networking activities. The meeting lasts 2h 5minutes in total (5.55 P.M. – 8.00 P.M.). If the meeting will be stationary and after its end we feel like, we will be able to take part in the social part. Everything is in our hands 🙂 We invite you to the first meeting in this series on January 25.
When: more information soon


Integration meetings:

Onsite Managerial Visit

We have great memories of such initiatives from previous years. We hope to repeat such an event this year as well. Initially, we are thinking about the last Friday of May. Time will tell.
Your cooperation in this project is essential. If you want to introduce us to your workplace and share inspiring story about processes, technology and management practices, please report. The number of participants to be agreed with the host. When the circumstances are favorable, we will jointly prepare a substantive and entertainment program.
When: depending on the epidemiological situation


Weekend outdoors

To the mountains, to Mazury or to the sea? We will see 🙂 There are many enthusiasts of outdoor expeditions among us. If the circumstances are favorable, in September we will try to organize this type of trip to spend an interesting weekend together. Alternatively, we will take you for half a day to the underwater world in the city. And we will spend Saturday evening in a truly social way. Details soon 😉
When: September

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    Society – meet other Students and Graduates of the Business School

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    General development – expand your knowledge not only of the business world but even more

  • 25 lat tradycji

    Get advice – get to know different perspectives from professionals in a friendly atmosphere

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