Milena Kruszewska


Propagator of evidence-based medicine. In the daily #WHCNews series on Facebook, he performs a subjective review of industry news, pointing to errors – most often communication errors – of politicians, institutions or journalists dealing with topics related to health protection. As the president of the Watch Health Care Foundation, she integrated the patient, expert and journalistic community with the campaign “Stop the Celebration of Pseudoscience”. He persistently pays attention to the quality of communication – starting with its linguistic correctness and aesthetics.

Her adventure with creating content began in Przekrój and TVN. She resigned from work in the media for the press office of the Supreme Medical Chamber. After six years, she moved to the Ministry of Health, where she was a press spokesman and director of the Press and Promotion Office for over two years. Then she started her own business – in Evidence-based PR, on the one hand, she audits, develops and implements communication strategies for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare entities, and on the other hand, she practices ghostwriting for politicians and experts related to health protection.

He is a sociologist with a specialization in communication. Graduated from Public Policy and Administration at Collegium Civitas and Editing at the Polish Academy of Sciences.