EMBA as a chance for personal development


Interpersonal competences are an integral element of a comprehensive development plan for a modern manager and leader. They translate into both the efficiency of building and maintaining business relations, and managing task teams, as well as the personal sense of satisfaction and self-fulfillment through activities in the professional field.
WUT Business School is the only school in Poland that profiled the EMBA programme with the purpose of developing participants’ entrepreneurial skills understood not only as setting up their own business, but also corporate corporations so needed today. EMBA also offers a highly personalized teaching course. Each student has the opportunity to adapt the program to their own interests and predispositions.

The goal of this pillar is to develop personal skills and competencies necessary for managers who want to become effective leaders in a variety of organizations, not just business.



–   2-year individualised Personal Development Programme
–   Personalised study path

–   The biggest MBA Alumni network in Poland
–   A diploma that is held in high esteem both in Poland and internationally
–   Fast return on investment – according to our alumni, 70% of EMBA students gets promoted while they are still in the programme
–  Start-up project in co-operation with MIT Enterprise Forum CEE

The Personal Development Program offers participants the following benefits:
• development of personal skills and competencies necessary for managers who want to become responsible and effective leaders
• diagnosis and individual feedback session on strengths and potential development areas regarding effective management tasks
• access to practical techniques and models of effective personal development
• the ability to implement and / or modify current occupational plans in contact with the real market