Workshop Master Interview

MASTER INTERVIEW – How to effectively prepare and participate in job interviews when you have over 10 years of professional experience”

Date: Friday 23 September 2016
Place: WUT Business School, room 300 (3rd floor)
Time: 17:30 registration and networking, 18:30 – 20:30 the content part

The workshop will be conducted by Sandra Bichl – Career Angels

SAAMBA invites you to the last workshop with Career Angels. It will be devoted to the final stage of recruitment – an interview. Contrary to appearances, if you do not have twenty years or rather 10+ years of professional experience, you also need to prepare for it. Therefore, the host will provide valuable recommendations regarding this:

– how and to what extent to prepare for a meeting and interview for the so-called higher positions
– how to efficiently select examples and provide concise information on key questions of a recruiter
– how and when to negotiate the issue of remuneration
– how to master an interview on the example of a simulation of a recruitment interview.

Registration is required for the workshop. Any further notifications will only be sent to the subscribers. The workshop is free of charge for active members of the Association.

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