Robert Grzybek

Before starting MBA studies, I worked in business for almost 11 years. So I had a lot of experience, although my education from the period of daily studies concerned other fields – philology and social sciences. I decided to study MBA to complete theoretical knowledge and enrich business vocabulary. My choice fell on the WUT Business School, because of its reputation and the friendly timetable of the busy director. I admit, it has been difficult to reconcile the management of nearly 1,100 people with the demanding challenges that the lecturers of the National Security Service put up for us. In retrospect, I think that the effort paid was worth it. I value a particularly high-quality program implemented entirely in English, involving exercises and business games and stimulating discussions on case studies in a group of practitioners with different experience. The knowledge gained during my studies along with professional experience related to the management of sales, marketing, HR or the entire company make it easier for me to establish relationships and build the authority as a consultant in dealing with my clients.