Prof. Paul Schweinzer

Research interests:

Game theory, contract theory, microeconomic theory.

Professor Paul Schweinzer a Ph.D in Economics and Finance at Birbeck College, Bloomsbury. He is a Senior Lecturer at University of York since 2010 and a Lecturer in Macroeconomics at Univeristy of Bonn since 2009.Prod. Schweinzer is also a visiting Professor in Economics at WUT Business School and a Lecturer on MBA economics courses at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, Tepper School of Business.



• “The Parental Co-Immunization Hypothesis”, with Miguel Portela, University of York Discussion Paper 13/27;
• “Auctioning risk: The all-pay auction under mean-variance preferences ” with B. Klose, University of York Discussion Paper 12/32.;
• “Agreeing on efficient emissions reduction ” with O. Bos and B. Roussillon.  This version supersedes “Risk pooling in redistributive agreements” (Discussion Paper 12/17) and “Efficient Emissions Reduction” (Manchester Discussion Paper EDP-1004).;
• “Probabilistic Procurement Auctions “, with Thomas Giebe, University of York Discussion Paper 12/26;
• “Efficiency in strategic form games: A little trust can go a long way” with Jianpei Li, University of York Discussion Paper 13/19;
• “Implementation without Incentive Compatibility”, with Makoto Shimoji, University of York Discussion Paper 12/21