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  • Inspirational lecture with University of Salford – 02.11.2022

Inspirational lecture with University of Salford – 02.11.2022

We hosted an inspirational lecture in English. Dr Kyle Cunliffe (Salford School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology, University of Salford, UK) will share with us his thoughts on The need for intelligence in the private sector in order to adjust to a rapidly changing security landscape. The webinar took place on 2 November.

As the world enters what pundits are calling the ‘new Cold War’, the private sector will be on the frontline of hostilities between nation-states. In the information era, businesses have already had to grapple with malicious risks such as hacking and insider threats (better known as spies), but as relations with Russia and China decline, those risks are now reaching new frontiers. Sophisticated industrial espionage, sponsored by foreign intelligence agencies, poses a new level of danger for the private sector. In this talk, I will discuss those risks, and propose how businesses might combat this problem through the age-old craft of counterintelligence.